July 1, 2022


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How Coinovy is Adding Value to The Cryptocurrency Ecosystem

The cryptocurrency ecosystem has become the latest talk of the town in the financial industry in such a short span of time. There are four most significant areas of the blockchain ecosystem, namely Blockchain, Exchanges, Wallets, and C2F, which will assist you in understanding why.

Cryptocurrency relies entirely on Blockchain technology. Blockchain acts as a recording information system which makes alterations, hacking or cheating difficult or almost impossible. A blockchain is a digital transaction directory, which is copied and disseminated throughout the whole blockchain computer system network. There are several transactions in each block on the chain, and a log of that transaction will be appended to every subsequent transaction on the blockchain. The distributed ledger technology (DLT) is a decentralized foundation controlled by several contributors. A blockchain is a form of DLT where transactions with a cryptographic signature called hash are stored. Cryptocurrency is one of the safest assets using this technology.

Then, there is the cryptocurrency exchanges that allows customers to trade for other assets, such as traditional currencies or other type of currencies, which are cryptocurrencies or digital currencies. Credit card payments, wire transfers or other means of payment may be accepted by Exchanges in return for digital currencies or cryptocurrencies. The exchange of cryptocurrency might be a market maker that usually takes the tender spreads as a service transaction commission or just charges fees as a matching platform. Coinovy has collaborated with VISA to handle payment processing such as deposits and simple withdrawals. This measure safeguards investment done through Coinovy. Cryptocurrency can be sent from one user’s wallet to another through exchanges. Coinovy, in collaboration with VISA, can turn digital currency balances into anonymous prepaid cards that can be used to withdraw monies from ATMs worldwide, whilst other digital currencies are backed by real-world commodities such as gold or your local currency. Besides this, Coinovy provides its users with premium features such as real-time notifications.

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Whether it be traditional currency or cryptocurrency, a wallet is needed to store the coin. A cryptocurrency wallet is an app used to store and retrieve digital assets from cryptocurrency users. You don’t need a wallet to spend your money as with the conventional currency, but it surely helps having everything in one location. If a user purchases or receives cryptocurrency, such as bitcoins, they will be able to keep it in a cryptocurrency wallet. A cryptocurrency wallet comes in the form of either a virtual wallet, a software application, or a digital wallet. Public and private keys are stored within. These keys are used to interact with blockchains so that users will be able to receive and transfer cryptocurrencies. A bitcoin wallet also allows you to view your balance available. Coinovy is in partnership with BitGo, the global leader in custody and security of digital institutions. This has enabled the digital assets to be insured and protected under BitGo with Coinovy.

Another key point to note is the ease of liquidating a digital asset. When an option like this is integrated, it speaks of the safety and reliability. With Crypto to Fiat (C2F), an increased liquidation is happening in the cryptocurrency ecosystem. It enables traders to easily exchange their cryptocurrencies into fiat currency. C2F has played a larger role in increasing cryptocurrency inflows. Coinovy provides its consumers with a simple C2F solutions. When you need to convert your cryptocurrency assets to fiat, Coinovy offers an almost instantaneous solution. Coinovy is regarded as one of the most advanced and reliable service providers, not only in the terms of safeguarding your funds, but it also provides seamless solutions with the best time rank across the industry.

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