July 6, 2022


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Qualities of a good citrus juicer

Features to look for in citrus juicers

Citrus juice is the way to good health. Many health drinks are available in the market packaged; nothing can beat your way to an excellent nourishing meal than a freshly squeezed glass of fresh fruit or vegetable juice. Think of any fruit, and it packs into a healthy, refreshing, and revitalizing drink. A citrus juicer can be of four types.

  • Manual citrus juicer -As the name suggests, no battery-operated machine is involved in the manual juicer. It is fun to have a manual juicer on the kitchen countertop as it takes very little space. The most leisurely start of the day to get all the vital nutrients of the day is to cut the fruit in half, place it in the juicer and pull the lever.
  • Electric citrus juicer– It is a machine-operated juicer and is convenient for hard fruits and vegetables. It is a simple process to place the fruit in the juicer and press the button to extract juice from the pulp.
  • Centrifugal juicer-This is a battery-operated juicer that is very quick in extracting juice from fruit or vegetables. The pulp is separated by the metal blades from the juice and divided into different compartments. A little bit of pulp comes mixed with the liquid.
  • Masticating juicer- This is the slow method to extract juice from a fruit. The pulp in this juicer is drier than the others, so it is better to remove fruits. It is used to juice anything from vegetables, carrots, herbs, and wheatgrass.
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The money you want to invest

The first and foremost deciding factor is the amount you want to spend on it. A wide range of products available in the market to choose cheap to expensive is there. For a beginner in the juicing world, do not overspend on the appliance as it could just be a passing phase. Getting the ingredients to juice every day can be an expensive affair too. But a healthy option always to have fresh juice at home than from outside from a box. The variant factors between expensive and cheap ones are the quality of juice they give and the quantity of yield they provide.

Nutritional value in a glass

The primary function of a citrus juicer, the extract it is making from the pulp. Some of the juicers give more pulp hence more fibrous. The primary reason to have a refreshing glass of juice is its health benefits along with the taste. It is always good to make a well-planned decision before purchasing the juicer to the kind of nutrient value the yield will give. If you seek a mixture of vegetable and fruit juice, it is vital to go accordingly with the juicer type.

Easy to clean

The primary issue with most juicers is the aftermath of the process of juicing. The cleaning process is cumbersome and troubling. But as a wise man will say, hard work is the key to success. If you are ready to remove the pulp and clean all the fiber’s threads from the blades, then welcome to the juicing world. Most of the juicers are dishwasher friendly, so it will not be a significant issue if the size is appropriate. If the components are more, washing will increase. Survey on these grounds before purchasing a citrus juicer.

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Sound of the appliance

Most of the pieces of equipment have a specific noise. But some of the juicers come with the added feature of being noise-free. Cold-Press or meticulous juicer is the most silent one. The centrifugal juicer is a little loud. If noise is an essential factor for you, then chose smartly. The level of noise and the fineness of juice goes simultaneously.

Speed is the essence.

In our busy scheduled life, the choice of a glass of juice is encouraged considering our daily requirements of nutrients. If we have to consider everyday spending our precious time preparing a complete meal, two critical factors are.

  • Cold -press and twin gear juicers are slow but thorough, so more essential nutrients are packed in a juice glass.
  • Centrifugal juicers are quick in the process but to get the best out of all the juicers having a speed panel is necessary as different fruits and vegetables crush at different levels.

Space and placement

The placement of all the appliances in the kitchen makes it look spacious and makes its usage convenient. To make it useful every day, placing it on the countertop is essential because the size of the appliance is vital. After every use, it has to be put back in the cupboard; then, the kitchen countertop does not matter, but the placement of the juicer matters.

The quantity you want to extract also matters in the size of the juicer. If small family size, then big juicer is not required unnecessary weightage. The size of the chute and the container will be a deciding factor in the juicer.

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Brands selling in the market

The market is full of choices from manual to masticating juicer, as a beginner always survey around to see the best-selling brands around. Generally, a change of lifestyle leads to changes in your daily habits, which are not permanent. If these changes fit conveniently in your lifestyle, then they will remain there. Do different survey brands in the market by reading the reviews of users. It will help you make an informed decision.


It is best to conclude that shopping is always fun. Make an informed decision, whether you shop online or from a store when you choose by adding an appliance in your kitchen. As that citrus juicer will not only change your lifestyle but also will be a step to healthy living. Consider all the factors before letting the citrus juicer adorn your kitchen countertop.