July 5, 2022


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The Benefits of a Responsive Website: Why You Need One Now

Responsive web design is one of the major factors contributing to the success of many online businesses. It’s a web design approach that allows you to offer the best user experience on all devices, no matter how small or large they are.

Responsive websites have proven to be beneficial over the years. It’s a tool that can enhance your online marketing in major ways. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of a responsive web design and why you should implement it today.

Helps Businesses Attain Higher Search Rankings

For many years, developers and online marketers suspected that Google paid more attention to responsive websites. All the signs were there but since it wasn’t official, this speculation remained just that – speculation.

But in 2018, Google officially came out and confirmed that websites that follow the best practices for mobile indexing will be given preferential treatments. In this same report, Google noted that it spent about 18 months experimenting and testing before deciding to make websites with mobile-friendly designs a priority over websites designed for only desktops.

This means that Google will use your website’s mobile version to determine how high your website should be on the search engine results page (SERP). Having a responsive web design will boost your SEO efforts and increase your chances of being on the first page of search engines.

Responsive Web Design Promotes Lower Bounce Rates

A website with a responsive design automatically adjusts itself to suit the user’s device. Potential customers won’t stick around if your website is slow or difficult to navigate.  Your customers want a website that allows them to do their business fast and easily.

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The faster your website loads, the lower the bounce rate you’ll get. Fast loading, clear calls to action, and easy navigations are some of the main ingredients for keeping potential customers. And you get all of these in a responsive web design.

Better Conversion Rate

Many online shoppers shop from their mobile phones. Nowadays, shoppers hardly visit retail stores to purchase the products they need. Many people don’t even use their computers or laptops to order stuff online. Everything they want or need can be gotten via their smartphones.

Responsive web design will bring these shoppers to you. You’ll improve your conversion rate while removing the need to talk to retail employees. Your potential customers will be able to search for products, make comparisons, and place their orders from the convenience of their smartphones. The entire buying process will be smooth, easy, fast, and devoid of talking to anyone.

Easy Monitoring and Maintenance

Monitoring your website’s analytics is an essential task as it helps you improve your marketing efforts. Having a non-responsive website means you’ll have to make two websites; one for your mobile users and the other for your desktop users. Keeping an eye on the analytics on both websites would be tedious, time-consuming, and expensive.

However, with a dynamic Web Design Firm, you’ll be serving both mobile and desktop users with one website. Your analytics will be in one spot, making it easy to monitor and improve your SEO and online marketing efforts.

It’s also easier to maintain one website than two. All your changes and additions will be made in one spot unlike when you have multiple websites and have to sort through all of them to make a few changes.

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